The TOEIC consists of four sections:
  • Reading (495 points),
  • Listening (495 points),
  • Speaking (200 points),
  • Writing (200 points).
The test can be taken as (a) 4-skills, (b) only Reading and Listening, and (c) only Speaking and Writing.

A TOEIC score is valid for two years. Almost all TOEFL test centres also give the TOEIC test and the TOEIC score is accepted by thousands of organisations around the world.

The TOEIC emerged because of the fact that the TOEFL rests completely on academic English. A test that focuses more on business English was needed, and the result was the TOEIC.

Just like the TOEFL, the TOEIC was originally paper-based. Later on, speaking and writing sections became internet-based. As of October 2019, the entire test is internet-based. In addition, images and graphics have now been integrated into the Listening Section. It is not allowed to take notes in the reading or listening sections, but note-taking is possible in the speaking and writing sections. These notes are collected at the end of the test, but they are used at all; they are simply destroyed after the test.