Some Questions and Answers

Do I need to register to do the exercises?

Technically, no. However, when you complete an exercise, the score is kept under your username if you have already logged in. In addition, only registered members can save their responses to speaking and writing tasks. Registration is open to everyone and it is free.

How do you assess speaking and writing tasks?

First of all, when we receive a response, we check that the task has been completed within the time allocated. We then check the length of the response. After that, we see if the response is really related with the task itself. Next, we check such items as the language, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation (for the writing section), the tone of voice and pronunciation (for the speaking section). We take a note of points that we should include in our feedback, give the response a score and send it back together with our feedback.

How many responses can I send altogether?

Currently, there is no limit because the number of responses that we need to cope with is still manageable. If we have a huge amount of responses, then we might consider bringing about some limitations.