All responses to speaking and writing tasks on HFiveP are assessed by the course lecturer(s). When you re-visit the writing or the speaking activity, you can see your score together with feedback.

Lecturers for our TOEFL iBT and TOEIC courses are also certified to implement these tests. They know the structure and evaluation criteria for both tests very well. Therefore, we can safely say that any feedback you will receive from these lecturers will be very useful.

Tests for the IELTS were not in the list of items we drew when we started designing this website; these tests were added because there was a big demand for them. We would like to state that the lecturers who run these courses here are not experts on the IELTS. Therefore, any assessment or feedback might fail to reflect the original IELTS assessment.

All forms of feedback we provide on HFivep are simply for educational purposes. We never state or imply anywhere on this website that we guarantee success in any of these tests.