HFiveP is for those who would like to improve their English in a relaxed, entertaining way. To reach this aim, we use videos from YouTube. Most of these videos are embedded into our exercises; in other words, the video itself is not in our file system. Therefore, there may be commercials placed by YouTube. When we want to add our own subtitles to videos, then these videos are hosted on our website. These videos are without any commercials and, depending on their size, it may take some time for these videos to load fully.

Using the website

It is free to use all the activities on this website. There is no “premium” content, no hidden fees, no “try for 15 days” hooks. As it is stated in the “Aim” section above, our aim is to help our users improve their English; a phrase like “… and to earn some money while doing this” is not a part of our aim statement.


Anyone who wants to add comments to video activities (some of these comments are actually required as the writing task for the activity itself) needs to become a member here. We could have done without the membership option, but then it will become extremely difficult to cope with spam messages. One other advantage of membership is that members can keep track of their progress within the site. When you complete an activity without logging in to this website, no record of this is kept. When you complete an activity after you log in, your responses to the activity are saved so that you can monitor your own progress. Membership is free for everyone. There is no time limit; you can remain as a member as long as this website exists.